WASA Duplicate Bill Faisalabad

To check your WASA Faisalabad duplicate bill, click the button below and enter your 10-digit Customer Number.
اپنا واسا ا فیصل آباد بل دیکھنے اور پرنٹ کرنے کیلئے بٹن پہ کلک کریں.

How to Check Your WASA Faisalabad Bill Online?

To check your WASA Faisalabad bill online, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the button above.
  2. Enter your 9-digit WASA account number.
  3. Your WASA Faisalabad bill will be displayed.
  4. To print or save the bill as a PDF, click on the ‘Print this bill’ button located at the top right corner of the bill.”

WASA Faisalabad, a subsidiary of the Faisalabad Development Authority, has taken a significant leap forward in revolutionizing the online bill payment experience for its customers. By implementing a user-friendly platform, WASA Faisalabad allows customers to easily access and manage their water bills online.

But that’s not all – there are exciting features and options that make the whole process even more convenient and secure.

Curious to know more? Stay tuned to discover how WASA Faisalabad has transformed the way customers pay their bills online.

WASA Faisalabad Duplicate Bill

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Key Takeaways

  • WASA Faisalabad offers online bill payment options for convenience.
  • Customers can access their bills online and save or print them as PDFs.
  • Mobile banking apps like Jazz Cash and EasyPaisa can be used for secure bill payments.
  • The WASA Bill SMS Service allows customers to receive their monthly water bills via SMS before the due date.

Online Bill Payment Process

The online bill payment process for WASA Faisalabad provides a convenient and secure method for customers to pay their water bills from the comfort of their own homes.

To begin the process, customers need to click on the designated button and enter their 9-digit WASA Account Number.

The bill will then be displayed, and customers can choose to save or print it as a PDF using the ‘Print this bill’ button.

For secure payments, customers can utilize mobile banking or use the Jazz Cash app or the EasyPaisa app for convenient bill payment.

Additionally, customers can visit the bank’s website for online payment instructions.

This online bill payment process allows customers to easily and efficiently pay their water bills without the need to physically visit a payment location.

How to pay WASA Faisalabad bill online?

Here are four mobile banking options to consider:

  • Jazz Cash app: Use this app to easily pay your water bill through your mobile phone. It offers a user-friendly interface and secure payment options.
  • EasyPaisa app: This app provides a hassle-free way to pay your water bill using your mobile device. It ensures convenience and security for your transactions.
  • Bank’s website: Visit the bank’s website to find online payment instructions and make your water bill payment securely from your mobile phone.
  • Mobile banking services: Many banks offer mobile banking services, allowing you to access your account and make bill payments through their dedicated apps. Check with your bank to see if they provide this option.

These mobile banking options provide customers with a convenient and secure way to make water bill payments on the go.

Jazz Cash App for Bill Payment

The Jazz Cash app offers a convenient and secure solution for customers to easily pay their water bill through their mobile phone. With this app, users can access their water bill details, view their outstanding amount, and make payments instantly, all from the comfort of their own homes.

The app provides a user-friendly interface, allowing customers to navigate easily and quickly complete their transactions. It also ensures the security of personal and financial information, giving customers peace of mind while making their payments.

EasyPaisa App for Bill Payments

Continuing the discussion on convenient bill payment options, the EasyPaisa app provides a seamless solution for customers to easily pay their water bill through their mobile devices.

This user-friendly app offers the following benefits:

  • Secure Payments: EasyPaisa ensures the safety of transactions, providing customers with peace of mind while making bill payments.
  • Convenience: With just a few taps on their mobile devices, users can pay their water bills anytime and anywhere, eliminating the need for physical visits or waiting in long queues.
  • Quick and Efficient: The EasyPaisa app streamlines the bill payment process, allowing customers to complete transactions in a matter of seconds.
  • Accessibility: The app is available to a wide range of users, making it accessible to a larger customer base.

With these features, the EasyPaisa app offers a hassle-free and efficient way for customers to conveniently pay their water bills, enhancing the overall bill payment experience.

Online Payment Instructions From Bank’s Website

To access online payment instructions from the bank’s website, customers can follow the steps provided below.

First, visit the bank’s official website and navigate to the online banking section.

Next, log in to your online banking account using your credentials.

Once logged in, look for the option to make bill payments or utility payments. Click on this option to proceed.

Then, select the option to pay WASA Faisalabad bill.

Enter your 9-digit WASA Account Number when prompted.

Review the bill details and ensure they are accurate.

Finally, confirm the payment and wait for the transaction to be processed.

Following these instructions will allow customers to easily and securely make their WASA Faisalabad bill payments through their bank’s website.

WASA Bill SMS Service

Introducing the convenient and time-saving WASA Bill SMS Service, which allows customers to receive their monthly water bills via SMS before the due date. This service is designed to provide ease and convenience to customers, eliminating the need for physical bills and allowing for prompt payment.

Here are four key features of the WASA Bill SMS Service:

  • Sign up for the service and provide your SMS number and account number.
  • Receive your monthly water bill directly to your phone via SMS.
  • Access the invoice SMS service on the official website for any additional information.
  • Enjoy the convenience of receiving bills on your phone, saving time and effort.

With the WASA Bill SMS Service, customers can easily stay up to date with their water bills and make timely payments, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

About WASA Faisalabad

WASA Faisalabad, established in 1978 as a subsidiary of the Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA), is responsible for providing drainage, sewerage, and water supply services in the Faisalabad region of Pakistan. It operates under the Housing Urban Development and Public Health Engineering Department (HUD&PHED) Government of Punjab.

Covering an area of 225 square kilometers, WASA Faisalabad serves approximately 260,000 registered customers in 113 urban Union Councils (UCs). It provides water supply facilities to around 60% of the city and offers sewerage facilities covering approximately 72% of the city.

Managed by 2,200 employees across 11 directorates, WASA Faisalabad has achieved significant milestones such as constructing the only wastewater treatment facility in Punjab, implementing the Changa Paani Program for 100% metering and round-the-clock water supply, and digitizing GIS utility mapping.

WASA Faisalabad Services

WASA Faisalabad provides essential water supply and sewerage facilities to the city, serving a significant portion of the population. The following are the key services offered by WASA Faisalabad:

  • Provides water supply facilities to around 60% of the city.
  • Offers sewerage facilities covering approximately 72% of the city.
  • Serves 113 urban Union Councils (UCs) in four towns.
  • Covers an area of 225 square kilometers.

WASA Faisalabad is managed by 2,200 employees across 11 directorates, ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of these services. With its extensive coverage and dedicated workforce, WASA Faisalabad plays a crucial role in meeting the water and sewerage needs of the city’s residents.

WASA Faisalabad Achievements

With a focus on innovation and efficiency, WASA Faisalabad has achieved significant milestones in the provision of water supply and sewerage services to the city.

One notable achievement is constructing the only wastewater treatment facility in Punjab, ensuring the proper treatment and disposal of sewage.

Additionally, the implementation of the Changa Paani Program has led to 100% metering and round-the-clock water supply, improving access and reliability for customers.

WASA Faisalabad has also successfully digitized GIS utility mapping, allowing for accurate and efficient management of infrastructure.

Furthermore, the organization has implemented an integrated monitoring and management system, enabling real-time monitoring of water supply and sewerage networks.

These achievements highlight the commitment of WASA Faisalabad towards enhancing service delivery and meeting the needs of the community.


In conclusion, WASA Faisalabad has revolutionized the way customers can check and pay their water bills online. With a user-friendly online bill payment process, convenient mobile banking options, and an SMS service, customers can easily manage their bills and make secure payments.

Furthermore, WASA Faisalabad’s commitment to providing top-notch services, including round-the-clock water supply and wastewater treatment facilities, showcases their dedication to improving the lives of their customers.

Join the revolution and experience the ease and efficiency of online bill payment with WASA Faisalabad.