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To check your KE Duplicate Bill, click the button below and enter your 13-digit account number or 8-digit consumer number that appears on your bill.

To check your K Electric bill online, click the button below

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How to Check K-Electric Bill Online?

  • To check your K Electric bill online, visit the K Electric Bill page on and click on the K-Electric Duplicate Bill button.
  • On the official K Electric website’s bill payment page, enter your 13-digit K Electric account number and fill in the captcha to view your bill.
  • Your K Electric bill will contain important account information such as consumer name, consumer address, GST/NTN number, tariff details, and account number.
  • If you miss the due date for your bill, a late payment surcharge of 10% of the amount billed will be levied, so it’s important to pay on time.

K Electric WhatsApp Service:

You’ve got to try K-Electric’s WhatsApp service—it’s a game-changer for handling your electricity needs. Getting started couldn’t be simpler. Either scan a QR code with your WhatsApp or save this number, 0348-0000118, in your contacts and shoot over a “Hi.” And don’t worry about extra costs; it’s free, though you’ll use a bit of data, just like with any app.

Once you’re in, a whole world of options opens up right on your phone. Need a copy of your bill? Done. Want to check if the power’s out or report an issue? Easy. You can also lodge complaints about your bill, check the schedule for power cuts, get your income tax certificate, find out how to get a new connection, and even download bills from the past six months. And the best part? It’s all automated, so you can get what you need without waiting on hold. But if you ever do need to talk to someone, just dial 118.

This service is ready for you 24/7. And it’s not just WhatsApp—K Electric is there for you on their app, Facebook, Twitter, and through SMS at 8119. No matter how many K Electric accounts you have, you can manage them all through this service.

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How to Access the KE Electric Duplicate Bill Online?

To access the K Electric duplicate bill online, follow the steps provided on the K Electric Bill page on Customers can enjoy several benefits by using online bill payment for K Electric bills. Firstly, it provides convenience as they can access and pay their bills from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need to visit physical payment centers.

Additionally, online k-electric bill payment saves time and reduces the chances of late payments, as customers can easily view their bills and make payments within the specified dates. However, there are some common issues faced by customers while accessing the K Electric duplicate bill online, such as slow internet connection or technical glitches on the website.

Customers need to ensure a stable internet connection and report any technical issues to the relevant authorities for prompt resolution.

Understanding Your Account Information on the K-Electric Bill

KE Duplicate Bill

While reviewing your K Electric bill, it is important to understand the account information provided. Here are some key points to consider:

Account details: Your K Electric bill contains important information such as your consumer name, consumer address, GST/NTN number (if applicable), tariff details, and account number. It is crucial to ensure that these details are accurate and up to date.

Importance of updating account information: Keeping your account information updated is essential to avoid any billing or communication issues. If there are any changes or updates needed, you can call 118 or visit your designated Integrated Business Center (IBC) as mentioned on your bill under Reach K-Electric.

Common issues faced while accessing duplicate bill online: Some common challenges users face while accessing the K Electric duplicate bill online include technical glitches, slow internet connection, entering incorrect account information, or captcha errors. It is advisable to double-check the entered details and try again or contact the K Electric Call Centre at 118 for assistance.

Stay informed: If you have any further queries or concerns about your K Electric bill, you can reach out to the K Electric Call Centre at 118 or email them at They will be able to provide you with the necessary information and guidance.

Late Payment and Surcharge on K Electric Bills

Failure to pay the amount due on your K Electric bill by the specified date will result in a late payment surcharge being applied. This surcharge is equivalent to 10% of the amount billed, excluding government tax(es) and duty(ies).

It is important to note that late payments can have a negative effect on your credit score. To avoid late payment surcharges, it is recommended to make sure you pay your K Electric bill on time.

Here are some tips to help you avoid late payments:

  • 1) Set up automatic bill payments or reminders to ensure you don’t forget.
  • 2) Plan your budget accordingly to allocate funds for your K Electric bill.
  • 3) Keep track of the due dates and make payments in advance if possible.

By following these tips, you can avoid late payment surcharges and maintain a good credit score.

How to Calculate the Amount Payable on Your K Electric Bill?

Regularly calculating the amount payable on your K Electric bill is essential for managing your finances and ensuring timely payments. To calculate the amount payable, follow these steps:

  1. Determine your electricity consumption: Check your meter reading at the beginning and end of the billing period. The difference between the two readings is your electricity consumption.
  2. Review the tariff details: Refer to the tariff details mentioned on your bill to know the rate at which electricity is charged per unit.
  3. Multiply the consumption by the tariff rate: Multiply your electricity consumption by the tariff rate to calculate the cost of the consumed units.
  4. Add any additional charges: Check if there are any additional charges mentioned on the bill, such as taxes or surcharges, and add them to the cost of consumed units.

History of K Electric: Nationalization and Government Investment

The nationalization of K Electric by the Government of Pakistan in 1952 marked a significant change in the ownership and management of the company. The government took this step due to the company’s inability to handle the increased electricity demand and injected a large investment into K Electric.

The nationalization aimed to improve the infrastructure and capacity of the company. This move had a positive impact on K Electric, as the government’s investment effectively helped in meeting the growing electricity demand. Furthermore, the government’s involvement ensured that the company’s operations were aligned with the national interest.

Overall, the nationalization of K Electric and the government’s investment were instrumental in improving the company’s performance and its ability to provide electricity to the people of Pakistan.

Nationalization ImpactGovernment Investment Effectiveness
Improved infrastructure and capacityHelped in meeting growing electricity demand
Aligned operations with national interestImproved company’s performance
Positive impact on K ElectricEnsured effective provision of electricity

The Construction of New Electricity Generating Plants by the Government

During the period between 1953 and 1980, the Government of Pakistan undertook the construction of eight new electricity generating plants to meet the growing electricity demand in K Electric, adding a total capacity of 513 MV to the power grid.

The government’s investment in KESC’s power grid had a significant impact on the company’s infrastructure. Here are four key impacts of the new electricity plants:

  1. Increased capacity: The construction of the new plants significantly increased KESC’s capacity to generate electricity, allowing the company to meet the growing demand from consumers.
  2. Improved reliability: The addition of new electricity plants improved the reliability of KESC’s power supply, reducing the frequency of power outages and ensuring a more stable electricity service for consumers.
  3. Modern infrastructure: The construction of the new plants also led to the development of modern infrastructure within KESC, including advanced electricity generation technologies and improved transmission and distribution systems.
  4. Economic development: The government’s investment in new electricity plants not only improved KESC’s infrastructure but also contributed to the overall economic development of the region, as a reliable and efficient power supply is essential for industrial growth and business operations.

Privatization of KESC: Improving Efficiency and Capacity

Privatizing KESC has significantly enhanced the efficiency and capacity of the company. The government investment allowed for improving infrastructure, resulting in a more reliable and robust electricity supply. The new owners of KESC after privatization also made substantial investments in upgrading and expanding the company’s infrastructure, including power plants, transmission lines, and distribution networks.

These investments not only increased the capacity of KESC to meet the growing electricity demand but also improved the overall efficiency of the company’s operations. Privatization has brought in new technologies, management practices, and expertise that have further contributed to the improved efficiency and capacity of KESC. Overall, privatization has played a crucial role in transforming KESC into a more efficient and capable electricity provider.

Acquisition by Abraaj Capital and the Rebranding to K-Electric

Abraaj Capital’s acquisition of KESC in 2009 led to the rebranding of the company as K-Electric. This acquisition had a significant impact on the company and its operations. Here are some key points about the acquisition and the subsequent rebranding:

Acquisition Impact:

  • Abraaj Capital became the majority shareholder of KESC.
  • The acquisition brought in new management and investment.
  • It aimed to improve the efficiency and capacity of K-Electric.
  • Abraaj Capital’s expertise in the energy sector helped drive positive changes in the company.

Rebranding Strategy:

  • In 2014, KESC was rebranded as K-Electric.
  • The company introduced a new logo with orange, blue, and green feathers.
  • The name change symbolized a new era for the company.
  • The rebranding reflected the changes in ownership and management, showcasing a fresh identity for K-Electric.

The acquisition by Abraaj Capital and the subsequent rebranding played a crucial role in transforming K-Electric into a more efficient and dynamic energy provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Different payment methods are available for paying the K Electric bill. These include online payment through the K Electric website, payment through mobile apps, bank transfers, and payment at designated payment centers. Autopay can be set up for convenient and automatic bill payments.

To update your contact information on the K Electric bill, you can call 118 or visit your designated Integrated Business Center (IBC) as mentioned on your bill under Reach K-Electric.

Yes, there is a penalty for making a late payment on the K Electric bill. Late payment charges, equivalent to 10% of the amount billed, will be levied, increasing the total amount payable. It is important to pay the bill on time to avoid these consequences.

Partial payments can be made towards your K Electric bill. There are various payment methods available, such as online banking, mobile wallets, and authorized payment centers. It is important to ensure timely payments to avoid any late payment penalties.

To dispute a charge on your K Electric bill, you can contact the K Electric Call Centre at 118 or email them at Provide them with the necessary details and they will assist you in resolving the issue.

No, you can check it with your account number only.

you can submit an application for change of title by visiting the nearest office. The process for editing a title is the same as for a new connection.


In conclusion, this comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to check your K Electric duplicate bill online. It also explores important information about your K Electric account, late payment consequences, and the amount payable on your bill.

Moreover, it delves into the history and ownership changes of K Electric, from nationalization to privatization and acquisition by Abraaj Capital. Whether you are a long-time customer or new to K Electric, this article serves as a valuable resource for navigating the process of checking your duplicate bill.