Gepco Duplicate Bill Check, View & Print 2022 Gujranwala Electric Company

Gepco Duplicate Bill View 2022

Suppose You have not received your original bill at the house. Then we have an easy way to get your Gepco duplicate bills for the current month. Now we have launched a new system to find all Wapda electric bills. Simply enter your reference number at the link given below and get a duplicate bill online. There is no timetable to duplicate online bill checks of the current month.

Duplicate Gepco bill finds method is straightforward. Any person that has an android phone can check quickly online. If you have any electric bill payment problem, then visit Gujranwala Electric Power Company head office.

Duplicate Bill Gepco online

Suppose you want to know the previous month’s bill which is mentioned in the list of the current bills. Complete last bill data is available on the latest Gepco bill. All the used units month bill and payment with month name are general if you have any arrear of the previous bill that is also available in the current bill.

Instalment option is also available for those people who can not afford their arrear in a single month. If your arrear is in large amount then must visit Gujranwala Electric Power Company for instalment.

If you want to check anything about your connection, data must print or view the Gepco duplicate bill. All the data is available on your bill. like Connection date, Consumer Id Meter number etc.

Govt Charges

If you are an electricity consumer, then pay some charges from govt of Pakistan. Gepco consumer Mepco K.electric because it is charged from all-electric users. If you want to Gepco bills tax certificate available on the official website or visit your nearest office. Types of charges mentioned below

  • Electricity duty
  • General Sales Tax(GST)
  • Income Tax
  • Extra Tax
  • Neelum Jhelum Surcharge (N.J Surcharge)
  • Tv Fee

The tv fee is Pakistan Television Fee that is charged from every consumer in Pakistan. It is scheduled from Nepra. Now a day Tv fee is RS 35, But the Pakistan Govt of Pakistan decided to increase RS 35 to RS 100 for all users. If you do not pay, you must visit your regional office, write an application and submit it to the desired person.

  • Neelum Jhelum Surcharge (N.J Surcharge)

Its rate is the same for all Pakistan electric users, but it depends on your consumed units. Nowadays, it will be charged Rs 0.10 per unit charged. It was added in bills on January 4, 2008.

General sales Tax ON Fuel Price Adjustment ( Gst on FPA)

Gst on FPA is added by National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA). Its price is very with consumed units. If units increase, FPA increased automatically

Gepco FPA

Unit Price
01-100 7.36
101-200 9.68
201-300 11.76
301-700 20.82
700 – to above all 27.92

For Peak Load requirement Exceeding 5KW

Time of USE (TOU) -Peak 23.92
Time of USE (TOU) –Off-Peak 17.60
Temporary Supply 25.11

Extra Tax on Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA)

Further Tax on FPA

Income Tax on FPA

Excise duty ON FPA

Gepco New Connections

Nowadays, the population is increasing every day, and usage of resources is also growing every day. Now Gujranwala Electric Power Compan is working in 6 districts of Gujranwala. Before a few days, Gujranwala Electric Power Company published their list of connections and said they are dealing with more than 4000000 connections. All the sentences and new connection installation are under the single company for dealing with everything.

Gepco complaint procedure

There are two complaint methods one is online Complaint, and the second is offline. The second offline is only by an office base. 

Office Base Complaint

If you want to Complain in the office, you can write your application on any paper or form and submit it to the head office. You must register your Complaint. Otherwise, it can not be considered to mention the name, father name, CNIC complete address.

Gepco office schedule for the visit

Day Timing
Monday 9 AM to 5 PM
Tuesday 9 AM to 5 PM
Wednesday 9 AM to 5 PM
Tuesday 9 AM to 5 PM
Friday 9 AM to 5 PM with Prayer Break
Satuday Office Remain Closed
Sunday Office Remain Closed

Online Gepco complaint procedure

If you are an online Gepco user and know about all processes, you can quickly raise your Complaint. But it needs some additional information that is entwined below

  • Name 
  • Email address
  • Cell Number
  • City Click on that city where you lives
  • Division, There are five divisions. You can select one of them and Refrence Number that is menioned on your Bill.

Complaint Nature

  • Low voltage
  • Fault Online 
  • Tripping
  • Electricity theft
  • Bill complaints
  • Excess Billing
  • Damaged transformer Replacement  
  • None delivery bills

Few Words on your Complaint (options)

Then enter the complaint button your Complaint is solving in some days. If your issue is not resolved after a single complaint, contact the helpline for your online complaint information.

Wapda Under Companies

There are some other companies like Gujranwala electric company 

Pepco (Pakistan Electric Power Company)

Qesco (Quetta Electric Supply Company.)

Tesco(Tribal Area Electric Supply Company)

Lesco (Lahore Electric Supply Company)

Mepco (Multan Electric Power Company)

K-electric (Karachi electric) 

Its all working the same, but their region and areas are different. Unit prices and charges are the same because it is decided under the federal govt. 


If you are a Gepco user and facing any issue and want to Complaint, the complete guide is available. Follow all methods and go to the official Gepco website and raise your Complaint. It is the best way to complain about your house.

Suppose the bill distributor is not performing his duty well, then first of all company is against him because it is a problem for those, who can not know about online work or those who have not android phone pc and internet connection. If you are a Gepco online user, then it is no problem for you simply click on the above link and enter your reference number and get your duplicate bill online without any charges.

Yes, if you want to change your name from one person to another. Then it is allowed by the power company. But all the process is must complete for changing the ownership of electric meter.

The reference number is like an account number to point out any bill. Every consumer has a different user, like CNIC. If you have a reference number, then you can find any bills without wasting time.

Go to google browser and search our website then enter your desired bill like Gepco duplicate bill. Click on the button to check your duplicate bill. Enter the reference then number in the search bar and view your statement online free of cost.

Pay bill online method is available. Suppose you are on your job or out of Pakistan and want to pay your bills. Now this is easy. For a pay bill online, have a bank app or Easypaisa Jazz cash Omni application on your smartphone. Then you can pay for it without any extra charges. If you can not pay your bill until the due date, an LP surcharge is added to your accounts.

If you have an Easypaisa account, go to the Easypaisa options to pay bills. Click on the pay bill option.No you can search your own bill company and enter your reference number. After entering the reference number, a new option with the name of the bill payment. After approval of your payment, you can receive a message of bill payment. 

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