Online Wapda bill check 2022 Pakistan All-Region Duplicate Electricity Bill View

Wapda Online Bill Check 2022

Wapda full form is Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority. It is the biggest federal company in Pakistan that generates and distributes electricity all over Pakistan. Nowadays it is improving in all fields like power and generation. Before some time it is not developed due to low sources. Now the world is moving to an online system. So everything is easy to access able in Wapda Because they facilitate to their users. Now Wapda electricity bill check online is not a big issue.

Wapda Duplicate online bills

In the previous time, people collect their Wapda bills from a shop. Because the bill distributor goes to the shop and drops all bills of that street. Thousands of bills waste due to carelessness so it is a panic situation for consumers at that time. When the federal power company looks at these types of issues of the consumer. They decided to provide the electric bills to all consumers at their doorstep. At that time all the Wapda users are happy. But the population of Pakistan is increasing every day then theY face the issue of providing bills due to the huge number of connections. 

Then the federal govt decide to divide the Wapda into different regions. It is the federal department due to the burden they take this tough step. All the problems of consumers are solved in their specific regions. some regions of Wapda are mentioned below

Wapda Regions

Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) Regions

It works in the Peshawar areas.

Multan Electric Power Company Limited (MEPCO) Region

It is the Multan region. Works in southern Punjab Areas

Tribal Area Electric Supply Company Tesco Regions

Works in Tribal areas of Peshawar areas. Before Tesco, it is a part of the Peshawar region. But due to a large number of consumers, Pesco divided. 

Lahore Electric Supply Company Lesco Region

It works in the Lahore region. It has a large Number number of consumers. Because many industries work in Lahore.

Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited (GEPCO) Region

Works in Gujranwala area and distribute the electricity in many subdivision 

Islamabad Electric Supply Company IESCO region

It works in Islamabad areas and also is connected to Rawalpindi

Hyderabad Electric Supply Company ( HESCO)

It works in Sindh and provides mostly electricity in the interior Sindh.

Quetta Electric Supply Company Qesco Region

Works in Balochistan it’s the Quetta electric supply company.

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (Fesco) Region

It provides electricity in Faisalabad Areas.

Now all the above regions are deals with their consumers directly. Any region consumer cannot be handled by Wapda directly

So with the passage of time availability of connections and increasing the Wapda meter requests. They decide to launch an online system. 

In the start, first of all, they launch the facility of Wapda online bill service. Nowadays each region provides the facility of the online billing system. This is the best step to find the bill. Because it is the new system. Any person that has a smartphone can check his bill online with a reference number. 

In the previous some years this system is not available. Always people live worried about their bills. Some old age people go to shops for bills. When they reached on shop to find the bill. the huge number of people already available to find Wapda bills then they worried. Many of them did not read the correct name then they take the bill of other people and submit it. These types of problems occur at that time. But now Water and Power Development Authority is growing for all types of solution.

wapda bills online check

Wapda e bill

The bill that is generated from the internet is called Wapda e bill. Electricity E bill is totally free of cost for view check and print. Those people who have smartphone and internet connection that can check quickly. But those who do have no internet or smartphone cannot check their Wapda bills online. If you do have not the source of checking e bill then don’t worry about it. Simply visit the internet shop. Provide then reference number and correct data of their region. The shopman easily prints your bill in few seconds.

Wapda bill information

If need your bill information like previous bill etc. These types of personal information are mentioned on your latest bills. All the records for the Last year are available on your current bill. So don’t worry about your Wapda bill info. 

Wapda Electricity bill Online Check method

If you want to check new upcoming bill info then go to our website and check your bill. You can find all bills without any risk because we always provide the correct data to our users.

If you do not receive your bill at your given location. Then you can check online but a reference number is a must for any online Wapda bill check. Simply go to google chrome browser enter our website name and write your desired region name in the search bar and click on the check button enter the reference number and get your bill.

If you want to check your bill is paid or not then must visit the nearest Wapda company subdivision office or Call the helpline for correct information.

Sorry, their no method online to check the bill online. If you do not have a reference number then visit the Wapda office to find it.

You can calculate the Wapda bill with the manual method that is adding the unit prices and multiply with a used unit that is your bill But some official charges included it like Tv fee, GST, Nj surcharge, and FPA, etc.

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