Tesco Online Bill Check, View Duplicate Tribal Area Electricity Bill 2022

Tesco Bill Online 2022

TESCO stands for Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company. it supplies electricity in the areas of Tribal Areas. It has a large number of consumers, and primarily its region is in the Hill areas. You know in tribal areas people face many issues like transport etc. So people are facing problems to receive the Tesco bills at their address. They always worried about finding Tesco bills. Now internet is available everywhere, so they can print Tesco duplicate bills online. If they can not pay on time, they must pay the fine of the account.

In the previous time, Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company is part of Peshawar Electric Supply Company (Pesco). Due to the burden on Pesco of maintenance and new connection. The govt decided to create a new region of Pesco as a Tribal Areas Electric company. Now the population is increasing every day, and electricity usage is also growing, but Tesco has an excellent team to handle things like maintenance.

Tesco Duplicate Bill

Tesco Bill Duplicate checking method is straightforward. If you want to watch Tesco bill duplicate, enter your reference number and receive your Tesco Wapda bill on the mobile screen. If you have not reference number, then it is too difficult to find the bill online. Because there is no option to check the bill with the name in the online system. If you have no reference number, see any previous statement from the house and check the reference number given on the left side. Otherwise, visit the nearest customer care centre to know your reference number. Because it is most essential to prevent anything related to your connection

In the last time, electricity is available, but the online system is not available. People are worried about their bills at that time. In any case, they lost the electric invoice, and They do have not any other option to find it. If they can go to the regional office, then they get the duplicate bills. Now, if any person lost their utility bills, that is easy to find.

suppose you live in tribal areas and use electricity, you know better people’s issues about their bills. If you want to check your electricity bills, simply click on the above button and enter your reference number. If you do not know about your reference number, find your previous statement where all the data is mentioned.

Check Tesco online bills free of cost

Online Tesco bill

Most people who live out of Pakistan and want to check their bills. Then the online invoice facility is the best option for the consumer. Our website duplicatebills.pk is available all over the world. You can check Wapda bills online here and print duplicate bills free of cost. If you lost your account after printing before submission, you could print again and again. So it is the best facility for those people their child’s lost their bills.

Tribal area electric supply company TESCO Headoffice is located in Peshawar. Still, it can not work in the Peshawar region because the Peshawar region is in Pesco company that is also a part of Wapda. If you have any issue related bills or want to visit Head office then must go in office timing that is available in given below table.

Tesco Wapda Office timing

Day Time
Monday 9 AM to 5 PM
Tuesday 9 AM to 5 PM
Wednesday 9 AM to 5 PM
Thursday 9 AM to 5 PM
Friday 9 AM to 5 PM With 2 hours break
Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM
Sunday Off

Official Tesco website

Suppose you want to visit the Official website Tesco that is http://tesco.gov.pk/. You can also find your bills, or you have any queries about Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company. Must visit for your problems. Because all the trusted content is available on their govt website.

Tesco Online Bill payment

If you are busy days and do not have time to visit any bank or Pakistan post office, then the Tesco bill payment online method is available. In the previous time, this facility was not available then Mostly. People visit national banks to pay the electric invoices. Nowadays everyone cannot want to go for invoice submission Because it is time taking process. Only those people who wish to submit those have not android phone or Pc. For an online pay bill, you must have a bank account in the following banks 

  • Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
  • National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)
  • Meezan Bank
  • Allied Bank Limited (ABL)
  • United Bank Limited (UBL)
  • Bank Alfalah
  • Bank Al Habib Limited

If you have the above banks, account then install bank apps from the google play store. You can pay your bills with bank apps free of cost. You can not pay your bills with extra charges or taxes. Many other methods available to pay online bills like easypasaJazzcash and Omni application, but they are not for Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company. I check that application to pay the tab on the Easypaisa account that is not available in electricity bills.

Tesco Peak and off-peak hours 

If you are a permanent user of Tesco regions, you have the best knowledge of peak hours and off-peak hours. If you have not an idea, read the complete article clearly.

Tesco Peak hours

Those hours when the electric price per unit is high are called peak hours or peak timing. This period starts in the evening. Totally 4 hours are in this period.

Tesco Off-peak hours

Those periods when the unit price is low are called off-peak timing. It’s the best time to use all your required home usage devices.

How to reduce Tesco electricity bills?

If you are facing issues related to Wapda bills, then you can reduce the usage of electricity. The second method is to use cardinal appliances in off-peak time like WASHER iron & DRYER etc. 

Tesco Region

Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company office is located in the Peshwer. It supplies the electricity in Fata and tribal cities that are mentioned below

  • Mohmand Agency
  • Kuram Agency
  • North Waziristan Agency
  • South Waziristan Agency
  • Parachinar
  • Ladh ORakzai Agency 
  • Bajaur Agency

If you live in the above cities are nearest villages, if you have any issue related to bill inquiry, enter your reference number and check the bill. These cities are in tribal areas. Here is all-electric responsibility of Tribal Company. If you any issue related to electricity, visit the official website or go to the headquarters of the electrical company.


No, You can not pay your bill because the CNIC option is not available, but electric companies are trying to improve their system for consumers. So till now, you can only pay your bill with the reference number. Suppose you enter the wrong reference number that is not your bill. So always check the name on a duplicate statement that is available from the internet.

If you want to print your electric bill, that option is also available. Follow the given method. Click on the above button to check the bill. Enter your reference number in the given box. You receive a bill on the mobile screen after entering the reference number. There is the option of print. If you’re going to print, only connect your device with the printer and enter the ctrl+p key on your device. After entering the key, you receive your bill in the printer. 

You can pay your bills with mobile apps, but you must have a bank account. If you have not a bank account, they cannot pay with the Easypaisa application. All other Wapda bills are included in the Easypaisa android application, but only Tesco’s name is unavailable. So don’t worried about it, you can also pay physically in any bank.

No, its name is like tribal areas, but it provides also Fata and sounding areas.

Enter your given reference number and check your bill. It is so easy to find the paper bill. 


We concluded that Tribal area electric company is the best electric company because it’s only a single electric Wapda company that provides electricity to the people of agencies. If you are relational of Tribal Areas must avail the services of online duplicate Wapda billing services.

Important Note

After few days you can check here all the data of Tesco online

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