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Sepco complaint

If you use electricity, then face many issues of electricity. These problems are available in every country, same as Sukhar Electric Power Company (Sapco). Nowadays everyone is busy with routine work and wish their problem is solved on priority basis. So in case of any issue, you can complain to Sepco online.

In the last time, people visit Sepco offices for any issues and write an application to officials persons and submit it. That application has time to proceed and further process. Nowadays everyone complains of a website or Call on Sepco helpline. 

How to complain Sepco online

Suppose you want to complain about Sepco online, click on the above button that redirects to the official website of complaints of Wapda company is www. First of all, register and create an account. Then go for complaint. There is an online application that has important base info like 

  • Cell Number
  • Customer Information
  • Complainant Name
  • Complainant Email
  • Mobile No.
  • Complaint Details
  • Complainant Address 
  • Nearest Place
  • Complaint Category 
  • Complaint Type 
  • Complaint Details

If you want to attach any document or any proof image etc., that option is also available after the form fill, you can submit it. You can track your complaint online.

Sepco complaint numbers and Sepco Helpline 

If you do have not an android phone to submit an online complaint, you can also call the Sepco complaints number that is available below

Sepco Customer Service Center Sukkur

  •  071-9310795 
  • 071-5621633 
  • 03008319831

Circle office Ladies road Near old powerhouse

  • 0747410051
  • 03008319806

Here you can call at any time

Sepco complaint online regitration guide is available.You can also call for complaints.

Sepco Complaint Types

There are different types of complaints you can register online

Sepco bill complaint

If you face any issue related to a bill, like your bill is not reached at your doorstep, you can register your case or any problem related to bills amount then you can also report

Meter Reading Issue

Suppose a meter reader puts your extra unit in the bills that are not useful. You can register a complaint.

Theft of Electricity

If anyone is thefting the electricity being a Pakistani, it is our national acid we can save it and complaint the Sepco.

Corruption of lineman

In many rural areas, the lineman forces the people to use direct electricity, pay him some amount, and not use the Sepco meter. If any face these types of issues direct complaint to Sukhar Electric power.

Complaint Against Sepco officials

If any Sepco official person does not solve your problem like you are facing any error in your meter, you complain to the Sepco official then, in this case, he does not solve your problem. You can complain against Sepco official person.

Load shedding Complaint

If your Wapda feder is off without a given schedule or facing lang time load shedding, complain to the official person. 

Wapda User important note

Suppose you are not a Sepco user but use electricity from any other region. All the Pakistan Wapda company’s data is available here, like Duplicate bills, Bill calculators, New connection installation methods, Demands notices, etc. You can check all the data here free of cost at any time.

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  1. I face Bill Issue
    I have charged an extra amount of bill , total arrears are concluded in my bill but I don’t have any kind of arrears.
    So Plz it should be corrected my current bill.
    I am a poor man I can not afford an expensive amount of bill.
    Bill Reference no#
    07 38163 0317000 R


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