Pesco Bill Online Check & Print Peshawar Electricty Bills {2022}

Pesco Online Bill 2022

Pesco stands for Peshwar electric company that provides Electricity. Those people who live in the Pesco region must use Electricity where available. At the end of each month, they pay the Pesco Bills. The bill distributor provides the bill on our homes every month.

If any consumer can not receive the electricity bills at their homes, they can print Pesco on line bill. Suppose your residency is in this region, then you know better about Pesco utility bills. If you received your accounts on occupancy and lost it, that is not a big problem. Simply enter your Pesco bill reference number and watch your online duplicate Wapda bill.

Pesco Duplicate Bill

If you want to print your electric invoice, click on the below button and enter your reference number given by Pesco. After putting in your number, you receive a bill in the form of JPG. For receiving in hard form, simply click on CTRL+P on your keyboard and Print the Pesco bill. Some people want to visit Pesco official website that is You can find all the queries related to invoices, load shedding, etc here at any time. You can also Pesco bill check from official website.

People who live in remote areas have no source to check their bills in the last time. They must visit sites to check their statements. Now Peshawar electric facilitates to their consumers as online services. If you are out of Pakistan, then you can also check your electric bills. The online system is best for everyone, but older people can not like it because they cannot use it. So it is our responsibility to respect him and check their desired thing when the demand for online items.

Pesco History

In the start, Peshawar electric company (Pesco) was work as Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). But Wapda has a load of managing everything. So Area Electric board (AEB) was organized in 1982. Then AEB entitles the name as the name of Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) in 1998.

Pesco Bill Reference Number

If you need any information about your electricity bills, then Reference number has an important rule. If you do have not a reference number, then you can not get anything. Many people want to check online bills with their names, but the name is not an official thing. If you forget your reference number, then find your previous month’s bill. All the records mentioned in prior statements otherwise visit the nearest customer care centres where all the documents are available.

Pesco Circles

Peshwar electric company is a big power company of Kyber Paktonkwah. So It can not only work in Peshawar; Pesco works in different circles of KPK that are mentioned below.

  • Swat Circle
  • Swabi Circle
  • Peshawer Circle
  • Banu Circle
  • Hazara Circle 1
  • Hazara Circle 2
  • Mardan Circle
  • Khyber Circle

Online Pesco bill inquiry

Suppose you are out of sweet home and want to an inquiry of your home electricity bill. Then enter the refernce number  and click on the above button to check online. If you live near any subdivision office and do not have an android phone, visit your nearest office to bill inquiry. When there is no method to check the electricity invoice, people only visit offices for any issue.

Pesco online bill payment

Power electric company is not only providing online bills services. They now offer an online bill submission facility to their consumers. They now the Peshawar is a backward area, and Pesco has 2.6 million consumers ho all-district. From time to time, they are increasing every day, So Pesco decided, like other electric companies, to launch a new pesco online billing payment method.

Now you can pay your bills with the following bank apps

  • Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
  • Allaied Bank Limited (ALB)
  • National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)
  • Meezan Bank Limited (MBl)
  • Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB)

Other Apps

If you have no bank app, you do not feel worried about payment. Install the Easypaisa App, JazzCash, or Omni application. If you do not know about these, apply. We provide your proper app installation and using methods.

Easypaisa Application Installation

Go to your chrome browser

Search google play store

After searching top website is google play store

Open then play store. There is a large number of applications and games.

Go to the play store search bar and write Easypaisa App.

After scrolling, you see an application on top.

Click on the installation button.

Now the application is ready to use.

Open the application

Enter your name, mobile number and CNIC number for registration.

You can get an SMS from Easypaisa that is your OTC code is like a verification code.

Suppose you are using the first-time Easypass. Then go to any Easypaisa retailer shop for thumb verification.

After registration processes, you can now use it for Mobile load money transfer, purchasing online, etc. If you want to install Omni or JazzCash, the installation process is the same for all applications. Follow the steps and install any application with your own choice. If you are out of country and want to pay pesco bill online  that facilaty is also available

How to pay Pesco Online bills with Easypaisa JazzCash or Omni app?

Go to the Easypaisa account and enter the sign-in button

An enter face account with the name or enter your 5 Digit Pin and click on proceed button.

When you signed in, you can see your current balance.

Find an option of bill payment on the first row of the button.

Click on the Bill Payment option.

Now you can see many options for Pay your bills.

There are Many bill types like Internet Water Gas Soler and Electricity.

If you want to submit a Pesco bill then click on the Electricity.

Now select your desired company of bill like Hesco Pesco K-Electric bill etc.

After your Wapda company selection, an interface occurs with the name of entering your Reference number. 

After entering the reference number, you can get an option to pay the bill. 

When submitting your invoice, you got a notification that the submission was successfully made. 

In the previous time people, people pay their electric invoices offline. They submit it in the Govt banks like National banks Pakistan and post offices. At that time, most people go to the last date to submit their bills. Then people face the issue of Crowed. Then patients and old age people are worried about bills. With the passage of time, Peshawar electric  system  moved  offline to online. Now offline system is also available. If you have no Android phone, you must use the offline method that is also free of cost.

Pesco bill history or Previous bills

Some people are worried about their Pesco previous bills and want to check tabs history to visit sub divisional offices. But all the data is available in your latest statements. Previous 12-month records of accounts units and payments are public in single latest reports. So you do not need to go anywhere because all the required data is in your hands. To check your bill history, visit our website and match your desired data

Pesco load shedding schedule

If you live in the Peshawar electric company area, it is an essential to know the load shedding schedule. Every Wapda company has its own schedule Because it depends  on the usage and area. Most industries work in the daytime, so they cannot afford the load shedding during working hours. They mostly requested that Wapda companies work for offtime load shedding. 

Peak and Off-Peak Hours

Pesco Peak and off-peak hours are the central two important for electric users. All the bills of tariff are depended on it. Peak hours are those hours when the electric price of the unit is high. Off-peak hours are those hours when is the electric unit price is lower than peak hours. Many people cannot know about peak and off-peak hours. So If you want to reduce your electricity bill use important things in off-peak time. So if anyone wants to press their dress or wash clothes are must use in off-peak time, it is the best way to reduce the Electricity.

Pesco SMS alerts with mobile number registration

Peshwar Electric supply company is now improving their system. They have now launched an SMS alerts system. If you want to get your notifications on mobile, that service is now available free of cost. 

For getting notifications, you must fill a form that required personal information like

Enter Your full name

14-Digit PESCO Bill Reference Number

enter your 13-Digit CNIC number below

A mobile number below to receive Bill Related SMS

Email Address

Pesco officers list

Mr.AmirZafar is Chairman BOD Pesco has good experience in the Power sector and also best as leadership management. He also deals Utility companies.  

Pesco Ceo is Engr Muhammad Jabbar khan


If you do not receive a physical bill at your home till the last date, then go to the online method, Simply click on the above button to check the account enter your reference number, and get your invoice.

No, This option is not available till now. If you want to check your bill online, then you must have your reference number.

No, it is working in 8 circles, including Peshawar city. That list is mentioned above.

If you can not submit your bill until the due date, your next month’s bill comes with an extra charge. Then Peshawar electric company provide the facility to their consumers for installments. You can get three equal instalments for a single bill. For more info visit website

If you have any bank application on your Android phone, it is the best method to pay bills online. If you have no bank app, use Easypaisa Application, JazzCash, or Omni app to pay your bills and other transection that all apps are free to pay bills.

If you have a smartphone, then go to the official website, enter your 14 digits reference number and check your pesco bill status. You can also visit the nearest customer care center to check bill is paid or not.

If you need a previous Pesco bill, then kindly view Pesco bill online. All the last record bill is mentioned in the latest statements. So don’t worried about the previous record.

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