Mepco Bill Calculator 2022 Mepco Bill Estimator

Mepco bill calculation

If you live in Multan or in surrounding areas then you must use the electricity of Multan Electric company. Then receive the bill of used units every month. Suppose you want to check your bill amount before receiving the physical bill use the bill calculator Mepco.

Many people want to calculate their bills with the manual method. In this case, they must know the Mepco per unit price of 2022. Because it changes different time and must know about 

  • General sales tax GST
  • FPA
  • Tv
  • N.J surcharge
  • Electric duty¬†
  • Service Rent

FPA charges are not included in every bill. It is included when Nepra orders to all Wapda companies when added them. These charges pay all the company of Wapda users pays and these are added in govt account.

If any when want to calculate manual then follow the chart for per-unit price.

Mepco Unit Rate

Per Unit Price Price
1 – 50 Units RS 3.95
1 – 100 Units RS 7.74
101 – 200 Units RS 10.06
201 – 300 Units RS 12.15
301 – 700 Units RS 19.55
More than 700 Units RS 22.65

The above table is best for the unit calculation of domestic connections. If you have other connections like Commercial Industrial or T well then must put their rates. Because every connection has separate units price. The lowest unit price of Wapda is domestic because it is only used in homes.

How to calculate Mepco bill online?

The use of a Mepco billing calculator is very easy and simple. If you want to check your price of bill then click on the Mepco Electric bill calculator button that redirects you to a page where you enter the used units and check the bill. This bill included the taxes which are available in every bill. Mepco Bills calculation formula is built in this tool where all the taxes available

Bill Estimator Mepco

Some people know the Mepco calculator as a Mepco estimator because it estimates the bill of units. You can use this calculator at any time. It is best for those people who live worried about their bills and want to save the amount for the bill in their salaries. They can manage their budget with their units.

Those people who live in other countries Like Saudia, Dubai or any other country for job purpose. They can also calculate their units at any time. So we can say this calculator is worldwide. This tool is free of cost so you can calculate unlimited units.

Use Mepco bill calculator to estimate your billl before time

Multan Electric Power Company Data 

You can check all the data of Mepco like Mepco Online bills, Mepco new connection, Mepco demand Notice tracking, and all the update on our website free of cost. All the users like this calculator because it has an easy interface for calculating the units of bills 

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