Iesco online bill Check, View 2022 & get Islamabad Electricity Bill

Iesco online bill View 2022

If you live in the Capital of Pakistan or surrounding areas and use electricity. Then Islamabad electricity power company send you a bill for a used unit. If you do not receive your used electricity bill, then you can download Iesco Wapda bill online.

It is a significant effort of the Islamabad electric power company that provide online bills. Because when the online system of Iesco is not available, people face many problems. Nowadays, Iesco is shifting its complete system from manual to online. Now can apply for a new connection online and complaint online.

IESCO Duplicate bill

Iesco duplicate bills are available here 24/7. If you want to check Iesco bills online, click on the above button that redirects you to a page, where you enter your reference number and click on the search button. If you do not know the reference number check your previous bill where it is mentioned. 

Before the online billing system, people faced many problems like paying the surcharge if they did not receive their bills or were lost. Nowadays, if day lost their account and get Iesco bill online in one minute from the online system.

If you are any other Wapda consumer, your bill is also available on our website. Go to the search bar of and enter your region name and receive the link to receive your bill with the reference number.

Iesco history 

Iesco has been working since 1998. It has many consumers, so they can not provide at every consumer’s doorstep. So you can check Iesco Islamabad bills online.

Iesco Bill SMS alert

If you want to get an Iesco SMS alert service, that is also available. With this service, you can get a bill with SMS before a physical bill.

Iesco email service

The Iesco email bill service is also available where you can get the bill free of cost. 

Iesco Circles

Islamabad Powe supply company is not working in only Islamabad City.Because Islamabad power company provide the electricity in the following circles.

Islamabad circle

Rawalpindi Circle

Attock Circle

Jehulam Circle

Chakwal Circle

Iesco Islambad Circle

Isb circle have the following subdivisions

Barakoh division

Islamabad Division 1

Islamabad Division 2

Iesco Rawalpindi Circle

Rawalpindi circle have these divisions

Tariqabad Division

City Division

Rawalpindi Cant Division

Westridge Division

Satellite Town Division

Rawat Division

Attock Circle

Islamabad Attock circle has the following divisions

Taxila Division

Attock Division

Pindi the Division

Jehlum Circle 

Jehlum has the following divisions 

Gujar Khan Division

Jhelum Division 1

Jhelum Division 2

Chakwal Circle

Dhudial Division

Pind Dadan Khan Division

Dhudial Division

Chakwal Division

Iesco Pay bill online

Iesco does not only provide bills online. Now days introduce Iesco bill payment online. You can pay your electricity bill from your home. If you have any bank account, download the desired ban application on your mobile and pay the bills.

If you do not have a bank account, don’t worry. You can also pay your bill online with Easypaisa Jazzcash or Omni app. Download app and install. Then create your account and pay the bill online. 

In the last time, people face many problems when the online system is not available. People pay their bills in the National bank of Pakistan or in the Pakistan Post office. Mostly every city has a single national bank where all the region people go for bill payment.  


Suppose you want to check your Inslambad region bill online. Click on the above button. That redirects you to a page where you enter your 14 digit Iesco reference number and receive your bill on a mobile screen. You can also check your bill on a laptop or pc if you do not know about the reference number.  

No, you can not check online Iesco bill by reference number. If you want to check online bills, you must know your Iesco reference number given at your bill. If you lost your reference number then check any previous bills that is mentioned

Islamabad Electric Power Company is an Islamabad electricity power company that provides electricity in the Islamabad region.

You can check your bill online with your previous data of one year available in a single statement.

If you are an Iesco region resident, click on the above button to check the bill, enter your reference number, and receive your statement.

If you want to print your bill:

  1. Click on the check bill button and receive your bill.
  2. When bill occurs on your mobile screen, enter the print ctrl+p and receive your Iesco paper bill.
  3. Be careful your device is must connected to a printer.

Final words

Duplicate bills website is a unofficial website that provides Iesco bill online. If you live in any other Wapda region, your statement is also available. Go to the search bar and enter your region name and check the bill with reference. You can also check the method of a new connection. Calculate your bill with the used unit on our website. If you are facing any issues related to invoices, then contact us. Our team is available 24/7 for consumers.  


After Few you days you can use the following

Iesco New Connection

Iesco Demand Notice Calculator

Iesco Bil Calculator

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