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Hesco Online Bill Check 2022

Suppose your accommodation is in the Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) area, and you want to check your online Hesco bill due to not being received at home. Then Hesco Online billing is available here to check and print. Mostly bill distributer perform their duties well. But in any case, you cannot receive your bill then you must Print it online.

If you can not print Hesco bill status online or pay until the due date, an extra surcharge is added to your bill. Hesco Duplicate bill of the current month is available here 24/7 so you can check it anytime.

Hesco bill online check Hyderabad is available, you need only the Hesco reference number that is given by your own electric Power company gives. Each consumer has a different Reference number. You can only check your electric connection statement with a reference number or consumer id. So it is most important to view bills.

If you have no reference number, visit the consumer care centre or call on Hesco helpline to know it. Otherwise, check your lost month bill at home that is also mentioned in all bills.

Hesco Duplicate bill online check 2022

The online system is the best option for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company. Visit our website and enter your reference number of the bill and check it. So it is must appreciated step of the electricity company. Now Hyderabad Electric Company is trying to shift all the data manul to online to facilitate their consumers. 

In the previous times, if the bill is lost, there is no other option to find it. Most people are worried about it because if they do not pay Hesco bills till the due date. The extra surcharges added in the next month’s bills. So all the problems are solved by Wapda to launch the online systems.

Nowadays, anyone is living out of Pakistan and wants to check his home or industry bill that is so easy. Simply goes to the google search bar and write the duplicatebills.pk. There comes an obstacle with the name of entering the reference number of 14 digits and check all the records. Suppose you want to visit the Hesco official website that is www.hesco.gov.pk. On the official website to you can find anything free of cost. All the trusted data is available.

Some people need Hesco Online bills history or a previous bill that all record is available in the single statement because all the 12-month data is available. Suppose they cannot pay the previous bill that is mentioned. All the taxes are mentioned in it.

Check Your Duplicate Bill Hesco of Current Month

Duplicate Hesco bill installment

Bill instalment facility is available, and also its rules are the same for running connections and disconnected connections as per cost. It delegated to the different officers with the amount of usage Domestic &Commercial 

For Domestic and commercial 2 to 3 Installment for RS 5000. Its authorized officer is Sub Divisional Officer(SDO) Operation.

For Domestic and commercial 2 to 3 Installments for RS 15000 but its authorized is Incharge customer service center.

For Industrial T-well Domestic and commercial 2 to 3 for RS 50000. It is the authority of Executive Engineer(XEN) operation and Dupty Director Commercial

T-well Industrial commercial and domestic 2 to 3 Installments for RS 200000 and its authorized person is Superintending Engineer(SE) operation.

All above data is for disconnected connections. If you want installments for running connections, that authorized persona and installments are the same that mentioned above.

Hesco bill SMS alert registration

Federal govt of Pakistan ordered to Hesco for SMS alert. For SMS alerts, they can register their official number first before they are eligible for this service. Consumers can get all the status before the apparent of bill. So if bills are not received, then go website for Hesco view bill.

Hesco is launching a new service as email. Then consumer gets their Hesco utility bill by  email services that are also free of cost, for getting email alerts first of all register your self for notifications.

Hesco per unit price 2022

The price of electricity is not under the Hyderabad Electric Supply Company. It depends on the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority Islamic Republic of Pakistan (Nepra) to increase and decrease. All the Power company bills prices are under Nepra. On February 12, 2021, Nepra publishes a notification of new prices. All the companies have different prices from each other. Prices for peak time and off-peak time are different, and the cost of residential units is lower than retail prices. All types of Hesco unit price are mentioned below with connection type.

For peak load requirement less than 5 KW

  • 1-100 Units RS 19.30
  • 101-200 Units RS 20.95
  • 201-300 Units RS 22.34
  • 301-700 Units RS 23.38
  • More than 700 Units RS 25.03

For peak load requirement exceeding 5 kW

  • Time of use (TOU) – Peak RS 25.03
  • Time of Use (TOU) – Off-Peak RS 19.08
  • Temporary Supply RS 24.93

For Commercial User

Mostly the price for the commercial user is high rather than domestic connection. Because its link is available in Commercial areas like shops industries, so its price is high that mentioned below

For peak load requirement less than 5 kW RS 23.79

 For peak load requirement exceeding 5 kW

Time of Use (TOU) Peak RS 24.72

Time of Use (TOU) Off-Peak RS 19.22

Temporary Supply RS 23.79

Hesco Complaint Procedure

Suppose you have any complaints regarding Hesco. Then there are two complaint methods: the online procedure and the second is physical complaint.

For physical complaints regarding bills or Connections, go to the Head office or nearest subdivision office, write an application to SDO and submit it to the official person available in the office. When your application is forwarded to the desired person, they can solve your problem as soon as possible. But you can not track your physical complaint.

Hesco Online Complaint

The second method is the Hesco Complaint online method. Suppose you have any complaints regarding Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO). Simply go to the official website and register yourself. Enter your reference number and write your complaint. after briefly writing a complaint, then submit it. After submitting, you got a complaint number that is the most important because you can track you complaint with that tracking id. So safe this id.

You can also register your complaint with email simple send email [email protected],com.pk

Or call at Contact Centre at 118 or SMS at 8118O

Hesco Head office

Suppose you want to visit at Wapda head office located in Wapda Complex Hunsnanin Abad. You can call during office timing. All the officers and officials are available for the consumers’ facilities. All the problems can be solved repeatedly at the office.

Hesco helpline Numbers

Helplines are only for consumer help and information so you can call at any time in case of emergency

Hesco federal Complaint Cell numbers

  • 0304-1927621
  • 0304-1927622
  • 0304-1927623

118-HESCO Helpline 01

  • 0304-1927617
  • 0304-1927618
  • 0304-1927610

Hesco Service Centers

You know HESCO stands for Hyderabad Electric Supply Corporation (Pakistan). So it is clear the total area of the Hyderabad region is under Hesco. The population of each city is increasing everyday. So as per population usage of electricity is increasing day by day, this power company is decider to divide it in different service centers for quick response to their users. All the services mentioned below

Name Address Phone Number
Regional Customer Service Center Near Maji Hospital 3408167
Gharikhata Division OR Colony Division Office 9200345 03041927713
Sadar S/Division Division office sadar 9200343 03041927715
Gharikhata S/Division Attached with S/Division office 9210276 03041927716
Sarfaraz Colony S/Division Attached with S/Division office 9210176 03041927717
Liaquat Colony S/Division Attached with S/Div office 2630564-03041927718
Tando Allah Yar Division Attached with S/Div office 3891785-03041927694
Tando Allah Yar I Division Attached with S/Division office 3891687-03041927696
Tando Allah Yar II Division Attached with S/Div office 3891688-03041927697
Tando Jam S/Division Attached with S/Division office 03041927698

If you live in any above division and you fazare any problem call on your locaTed division helpline or visit. Above only ten divisions with location and helpline are mentioned. Hesco has more than 83 sub-divisions/ customer care centers. If your subdivision is not in the above list, visit the Hesco official website and check your subdivision name and phone number. For people who want to Hesco load shedding schedule, they can also contact on above regions. All the officials are available to provide correct information.

Hesco net metering

Net metering is a facility for those people who have solar panels on their roofs. Because it depends on solar panels, its working process is simple. You can use electricity with solar panels if you have a large number of PV,s. They can provide you extra power of usage. All additional units went to the net meter and were added to your account. You can use them at night when solar energy is low and can not complete your electricity requirement. If any person says they can get the price of extra units, but Wapda can not pay in cash form, they can provide you only units. For net meter, you must apply after important verification electric company approve your proposal for the meter.

Peak and off-Peak hours of Hesco

Peak hours are those hours the price of electricity is high. Off-peak hours have a low cost compared to Peak time, so if you want to reduce your bill, you must use high power devices in off-peak time. Most people use iron and washing machine etc., in off-peak hours to reduce their bills.

Months Peak Hours OFF-Peak Hours
Dec to Feb 5 PM to 9 PM Remaining 20 Hours
March to May 6 PM to 10 PM Remaining 20 Hours
Jun to Aug 7 PM to 11 PM Remaining 20 Hours
Sep to Nov 6 PM to 10 PM Remaining 20 Hours

Hesco Bill online bill payment

Suppose you are on the job or out of Pakistan and want to Hesco pay bill. Hesco provides the facility to their users as a Hesco online bijli bill payment method. At the previous time, that is not available. You must pay in the National Bank of Pakistan or Pakistan post office only this two options are available. With the passage of time, it is facilitated open in All Govt banks. Now you can pay your bills physically in these banks

  • Bank of Punjab
  • Habib Bank Limited
  • Muslim Commercial Bank(MCB)
  • Allied Bank Limited 
  • Meezan Bank

Now can also submit your electric invoice with the above bank apps. Now Those people have an android phone; they use online methods of everything. If they have bank accounts must use a bank application. Now everyone wants to save their time they can submit their wapda bills with 

Bank apps.

Suppose anyone can not use a banks account. They must use Easypaisa JazzCash and Omni services for online billing. These services are free to use and easy to interface. You can use these services also out of Pakistan. After submission of bills, you received a confirmation msg that is your proof of payment. If you want to Hesco bill paid check

Then visit your nearest Hesco subdivision office or Call on Hesco helpline number. Customer care representatives available for help then can know the only reference number and provide your status.  

Hesco new connection charges and procedure

If you are shifted in home and want to use a new connection or you already using a meter, your usage of units in the house is huge. You know the Bill amount depends on the usage of units. 1 to 100 units price is normally 19.30 rupees. If you use 101 units, then the price change for the extra 1 unit is 20.95. So if you install the new meter, then you can use save your amount easily. Some load of your home shift on one meter, and the other load is the shift on your second connection.

For new connection installation, apply. After application, Hesco persons contact you to pay Hesco demand notice. In the next few days, completion of important requirements, they can install the meter.

Hesco Demand Notice Tracking

After submission of the demand notice, you can also track it. You must remember the tracking id that is given you to after applying for a new connection. Tracking is the best way to check everything. All the process of Hesco Hydrabad Eletricity is trackable with online method.

Online application for the new connection is also applied; the online method is simple and fast. Most consumers did not need to visit the offices because all the related to wapda company is online. For online apply must visit the official website and complete the procedure. The online method is best for those living in backward areas of Hydrabad or those who have not their transport for travel to offices.

Hesco App

If you have a smartphone with extra space for applications and are also conscious about your utility bills. Then Hasco launches a new product after online services that is the Hesco application for android.


No, you can not search your bill with the name nor CNIC. Because the system knows only reference numbers.

If you want to reduce your electricity bill, you must use an electric city in off-peak time because the off-peak time price of the unit is very low. The second option is to use solar panels in the daytime and install the net meter. These processes are best to reduce the electricity bills.

No Hesco region is the largest region of wapda. It works in Larkana Circle Nawab shah Sukhar Circle and two circles of Hyderabad Circle one and two. These circles have many divisions. So they introduce the online billing system.

Mr. Rehan Hamid is the CEO of Hesco. He is a very competitive person and has good experience in Wapda.

If you want to print your electric bill then enter the reference number on the above button and print your bill with ctrl+p command.


In the end we concluded that today everything is easy and simple. But all the new things are online so the old age people cannot use the online thing. Young’s are happy because they find everything easily. All the Wapda bills are available at every company. So if you want to find any online duplicate bills that are also available at our website.