GEPCO Bill Online Check View & Print 2022 Gujranwala Electricity Bill

Gujranwala electric bill online check

Suppose you are residential of the Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited (GEPCO) region. Then your electric bill is here. All Gujranwala electric online bills are available here to get the free Print and check commercial bills & domestic electric bills.

Gepco Bills Online check service is for those people who can not receive their bills on the doorstep. If you want to watch or save the electric proposal. When you enter the reference number at the below button then you can easily avail Your bill Gepco. The official Gepco website is So you can also print the bill from the official website. Many other websites are available for online bill checking. But we must have always trusted and accurate data.

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GEPCO Online Bill Check

Mostly we are busy in our daily routine works, and the Bill provider gives the bill to the wrong address so we can use the online billing method. If our bill is lost anywhere, then we have no other option to get the bill rather than the online method. Then we use Gepco online bill Gujranwala method to find our bill.

Gepco Online Bill View facility is best for those people who has internet connections. While you  can not print it without an internet connection, you can check your bill with a smartphone or on any Pc ios. Only enter the reference number to check the bills. Without refrence number you can not check your electric bill. Now is 21st century and the age of social media. All the bills are available on the internet. So don’t worry about it.

Gepco bills checking site

Gepco Bill View

In the perivious times, if your bill is lost, there is no other option for bill deposit. Still, we waited for another month and also deposit it with fine . There is a problem for people to pay the bill at a time of two months. So nowadays, everything is straightforward. You can find it easily. Go to google browser search your account with your name. If you want to Gepco Bill print it, that service is also available here.

Now you can check your bill worldwide if you are in Saudia Arabia, Dubai, or anywhere in the world. You can find your home bill easily with the help of online billing services. Now, if you are in bed, you can check your bill. So no need to visit any office or any shop to find the bill. Before this, people are worried about finding the bills .

If you do not know the reference number, check your previous bill where all the data is available, so check the left side because you can not review your bill with CNIC or name. After checking it, you do not find it anywhere, then visit the Gepco office and contact the respective person where all the data is available.

Gepco history

GEPCO full form is Gujranwala Electric Power Company  that is established in 1977. We can say Gepco is an electric company that works under Wapda Pakistan. It is a public limited Power distribution company. Now it works in many cities and villages of the Gujranwala regions.

Gepco Ceo Team 

Commodore Muhammad Siddiq (Retired)
Ms. Nadia Rehman
Mr Muhammad Shafiq Ur Rahman
Mr. Suhail Anwer
Syed Iftikhar Ali
Sardar Naufil Mahmud
Mr. Muhammad Munawar
Mr Mubashar
Dr Rashid Manzoor
Syed Wajahat Husnain
Maryam Bolouch

Gepco Net metering

The net metering facility is available in this region. Net metering is a piece of good news for people of this region because Netmetering services are now allowed in some districts of Pakistan, so Gujranwala is one of them.

Gepco Peak Time
Remaining 20 hours of the recently is provided by Ministry of Energy Govt of Pakistan on 1ST January 2019. Till now, this time is used for peak time.
Gepco Peak hours /Time
Peak time is also known as On peak time. On the peak time rate of electricity is very high.
Gepco Off-peak hours 
Off-peak time is when the rate of electricity per kWh is low compared to peak time.

Gepco SMS alerts

Suppose you registered your valid mobile number. You can get SMS alerts of bills. The SMS alert is utterly free of cost.

Gepco Region

All the Wapda regions cover the many districts, Same as Gepco covering the extended Gujranwala areas. The sections that cover with Gepco Power company mentioned bellow.

  • Narowal
  • Mandi bahudin
  • Hafiz Abad Sialkot
  • Gujranwala
  • Gujrat
  • Sialkot

The above districts mentioned Gepco is replicable for maintenance and new connections for people. All the sections have a large number of Wapda users. All the main Gepco head office is in Gujranwala. If you are facing any issue related to electricity then must contact to the regional office.

Gepco Unit Price 2021

Gepco Per Unit Price 2021 of electricity is not depend of Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited. Price of increasing and decreasing are dependent on Nepra. If the increase the rates all power companies increase it. Nepra is also a Federal company. Govt deal with Nepra  provide the instruction to power companies.

Unit Prices are different for domestic and commercial. Always the domestic rates are low from commercial. If you want to use electricity in your factory or shop, you must pay the retail bill. All the industries and companies pay the commercial bills. Electric unit price is directed with fuel price, If the fuel price increased, the electric power price is also increased. Nowadays Gepco bill price per unit is 3.95

Online Gepco bill payment Methods

There are a lot of methods to Gepco pay bill. If you want to deposit your bill, go to any Pakistan bank, Like Muslim Commercial Bank. Allied Bank, National Bank. United Limited Bank, Habib bank limited, Bank of Punjab, Pakistan Posts office or any Govt bank can quickly pay your bills with bank services. Many people have their bank accounts. They go to the bank with their checkbooks and the playbill with checks. This method is so easy. Nowadays, people pay their bills online if you are out of Pakistan and want to submit your home bills, so the online process is best for you.

Some people have their bank apps they pay with online method options available to pay bills Like Easypaisa and jazz cash method. If you have not any bank and do not want to go out of the house to pay the bills, then Easypaisa JazzCash and Omni are the best sources. Bill’s payment method is below.

PaY Bill with Easypaisa method
This method is straightforward. If you want to pay with Easypaisa or JazzCash application
Simply login your account with your Android device
Go to the option of pay bill
Where enter your bill number
A new file comes with the confirmation option.
After confirmation, you received a confirmation message from easy pasa.
You have successfully pay your bill.

Jazz cash method

Go to google play store if you have not already.
Search the jazz cash app and Install the application on your smartphone
After Installation, register yourself on the Jazz cash account
After registration login to the app
Now go to the search box and search the online bills
Now select the Gepco. Enter your reference number of 14
When the bill came to click on the pay option
Now your bill is paid so you can get the msg off pay bill successfully.

Omni pays bill method

Omni is an application for android phones for payment receiving and transfers. So it works the same as Jazz cash and Easypaisa. If you want to use this app, simply install and follow all the above methods off jazz cash or easypasa and pay your bills.

CNIC Data collection

CNIC data collection option is available now on the official website. Suppose you can not register your CNIC number, Email, and cell number. Then  you must register yourself. Nowadays, it is imperative. Many people record those mobile numbers that are converted in other networks that are not secure here. So be careful about the cell number. You can also get your bill by Email if you have a registered email Id.


If you are worried to check your bill is paid or not, then call on helpline they completely guide you about this or go to head office they have a total record of your bills.

Gujranwala Electric Bill online check is now easy if you want to check then click on the above button and enter the reference number and receive your Gepco e bill .

If you have your electric bill, check the left side of the bill. On the top, there is a connection date view. The down of connection date there is the reference number. Nowadays reference number is most important for checking bills. If you are not finding it, then call on helpline they provide you. After getting the necessary information, they can tell you.

Bill installments option is not available. If you have areas of the previous bill, then you can apply for installments. Simply go to the Gepco office and contact the billing section. They can manage these types of cases.

FPA is the complete form of fuel Price adjustment that is added in all-electric bills and includes in Gepcobill. That is dependent on increasing and decreasing the fuel rate.

Yes, you can get new connections with your choice. Visit the Gepco Regional office and apply for a new connection. If you want to use it online, that option is also available. Simply visit the hepco official website and apply for a new connection. You can select your connection type. If you are getting a new connection for the house, then select the domestic connection. For shop industry or any business point, then select the commercial. After approval from higher authorities, you can get your relationship.

If you want to reduce the Gujranwala electricity bill, you must use those high-power devices at off-peak times. Because electric power charges low bill price at off-peak time. It would help if you washed your clothes off-peak time. Off all your devices at peak times that are not in use.

No, you can not check your electric bill with CNICbecause the CNIC option is not available yet. You can only check bills online with a reference number. If you have the only CNIC, call the customer care center, get your reference number first, and then try an online bill.

Official Peak and Off-Peak Timing

Month Peak Timing Off-Peak Timing
Dec to Feb 5 PM to 9 PM Remaining 20 hours of the day
Mar to May 6 PM t 10 PM Remaining 20 Hours of the day
Jun to Aug 7 PM to 11 PM Remaining 20 hours of the day
Sep to Nov 6 PM to 10 PM Remaining 20 hours of the day

The above table is all about the electric usage cost. So use the electricity in off-peak timing. Only important devices that are necessary use in Peak Hours.

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