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Check Fesco Bill Online

Still, you could not get your bill? Do not worry if you lost your bill? or your bill reached the wrong address? You can get it sitting in your home. Yes, now duplicated of your bill is available. And you can get your Fesco bill online. For the convenience of consumers, Wapda introduced an online electricity bill check.

Many people have a hectic daily routine even though they do not have time to take bills from an address, so they print Fesco online bills, which is very easy. Also, if there is an issue, you can launch a Fesco online application. And can check online complaint status.

Fesco Stands for Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (Pakistan). It is the power company that provides Electricity in the Faisalabad region. Before 1998 it is not a separate region. It is a part of Wapda that provides Electricity in this region. Due to a load of consumers, Wapda decided to assign a new territory with the name of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company. Then it becomes a separate region till now.

How to check Fesco bill paid or not?

Now Fesco has introduced its SMS services. Through SMS services, anyone can check Fesco pay bill history. It will tell the last bill is paid or not. This service was introduced because there are a lot of complaints that retailers do not pay bills to electric power companies after collecting money from the consumer. To assure it, they introduced SMS services which tell everything. Even when a new bill is launched, a message is sent to the consumer, including meter id, reference number, consumer name, and bill of the month.

Fesco Online bill payment Method

The other step taken by power suppliers is to convenience the consumer and stop fraud. They introduced an online payment method. Now the consumer can make Fesco bills payments through credit card. Online payment has many advantages like

  • It’s Fast
  • Free
  • It’s safe
  • Now fraud is possible
  • Convenient

If you do not have any credit cards and have only a bank account. You can pay your bills with bank apps. install the app of that bank account where your account is available. If you are new to use and install, then we will provide a proper guideline about bank apps.

  • Go to google play store
  • Enter your bank name in the search bar
  • An interface occurs with the name of the Install button.
  • Before clicking on the install button, go to the mobile setting
  • Enable the Unknown sources for app installation.
  • Now click on the Install button
  • After a few minutes, the app is ready to use.
  • First of all, register your app with a bank account name.
  • If anyone has not any bank account, you can also pay with Easy paisa JazzCash and Omni app.

Fesco Bill SMS Service

It’s been a long time since all-electric power supplying countries started SMS services. Because all consumers do not have access to the internet due to somehow reasons. So Fesco bill SMS alert introduced, which are much better than the other companies. Like their response rate is too fast, and they give most of their services on SMS. It is brilliant because most such companies do not have active SMS services.

Fesco SMS services are essential. Because if a person is not present on the address of bill. He can know how much bill he has to pay. So if you are not present at home when the bill arrives, do not worry no one can cheat you because Fesco will send you all the bill details in one message. The SMS services of Fesco are the following.

  • Fasco bill checks the previous month.
  • Fesco bill payment history.
  • Application status for complaint.
  • New connection request Status.
  • They were standing of any complaint against you.

Fesco Duplicate Bill Online check view and Print

You know Fesco covers all regions of Faislabad. It’s an industrial region. The primary textile industry of the country depends upon this city. And the population of Faislabad earns its income primarily from the industry. Some people directly work in or own the industry, and many are indirectly related to different sectors.

The primary sector of Faisalabad is textile. So the majority of people work in the textile industry. And many people trade the clothes all over the country and in the international market. The sector mostly depends upon electric power, which Faisalabad Electric Power Company supplies. The businessman does not have time to find out their bill at any address. Because the have to make deliveries in the country and outside of the country. So for the convenience of the industrial man, The power company introduced an online bill check Fesco service.

Many People in Faislabad are related to tailoring works. They take clothes from the industries and then design them and sell them in the market. For such a person, it is not easy to find out the bill at a specific address and then pay it. So now they get Fesco duplicate bills.

How to check Fesco Bill Online

To get Fesco bill to visit our site. You can find out Fesco bill on www.duplicatedbills.pk Get a copy of your bill from here. The method of checking Fesco bill is too easy. Visit our site. Find your reference number on an old, most recent bill, which will be on the top of the bill. Then type it in the search bar and get your bill. Many people try to find out bills through consumer numbers, which is not possible. Only a reference number is the way to find out the Fesco bill. After getting your bill, you can pay it through different sources.

How to pay Fesco Bill ?

It can be paid by different means. These all sources to pay bills are very fast, safe and easy.

  • You can pay Fesco bill from a retailer shop.
  • Fesco bill can be paid through jazz cash Easypaisa
  • It can be paid through atm card, Online Bank Account

All sources are introduced for easiness of businessman. Because through these sources, you can pay the bill from any part of the country and pay the bill from outside of the country. Because sometimes business men are on international business tours So If the do not pay the bill on time. They may get fine. To save a trade man from fine these all sources are introduced.

Fesco Online bill check view and download free of cost

These are also very comforting for residents of Faisalabad. They do not need to go to a shop and pay the bill. They can easily pay the statement from the house are from their place. Sometimes, people forget to pay the bill or have many working hours to pay bills. So through the online system, they can pay bills till 12 AM of the last date. So do not worry if you cannot pay the bill due to any reason in working hours of the due date Fesco Electricity bill. You can pay it until midnight of the last date of the Electricity bill Fesco.

Fesco APP

If you are a smartphone user and you want quick access to Fesco services. Then you can also Install the Fesco app Faisalabad region. This app has bill information, Complaint registration, New meter registration details, etc. This app is ads-free.

Fesco Unit Prices 2022

Fesco per unit price 2022 depends on the Nepra. If Nepra increases the bill price, then Faislabad Electric supply company increase the charges. Every connection category has its price like General and commercial price is different from each other.

Units Price
Up to 50 Units RS 4.0
1 -100 Units RS 14.59
101 -200 Units Rs 16.41
201 -300Units RS 17.53
301 -700 Units RS 19.07
Above 700 Units RS 20.61

FESCO Region

City Name Address
Faisalabad Jumra Faisalabad sangla hill road
Mianwali 132 KV grid station tala gang road jhang
Chiniote WAPDA office Fesco Division Chiniot
Sargodha City subdivision Sargodha
Jhang Civil line subdivision Jhang
Bakkhar FESCO Complex Jhang road
Khushab Wapda Office Khushab 1

How to reduce Fesco Bill

If you want to reduce your wapda bill fesco, you must use the high power devices when the rate per unit price is shallow, commonly known as Off-peak hours. If you are a new user, then below, read the table.

Fesco Peak hours

Peak hours are those hours when the rate of Electricity per unit is high. So be careful if you want to reduce your bills, then only the most essential devices used this time. These are only 4 hours out of 24 HOURS.

Fesco off peak Hours

Off Peak hours are Those hours when the rate of Electricity is low. Run high energy consumption machines in off-peak hours like iron, washing machines, heaters, cook. These are 20 hours out of 24.

Month Peak Hours Off-Peak Hours
June To August 7 PM – 11 PM Remaining Hours
March To May 6 PM – 10 PM Other 20 Hours
December To February 5 PM – 9 PM Remaining Time


Fesco is a government organization, which works under the power division sector of the cabinet.

Yes, Faisalabad Electric Supply Company lies under the Water and Airpower Development Authority of Pakistan And plays an essential role in national power production And supplying process. It gives excellent support to national GDP as a very high number of industries work in the area of Fesco. This company provides total power energy to enterprises so that they can give optimum production.

No, you can not check your bill with a name or CNIC number. Only you can check it with the reference Number.

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