Fesco Helpline for Emergency 2022 Fesco Contact Number

Fesco Contact Phone Number

If you live in the Faislabad Electric region, you must know about your region Contact number because it is essential for emergencies. Contact numbers are available here with the address. In an emergency case, you can call your desired Fesco helpline subdivision office.

It is best if you save your nearest office. In the last time, people only visit her closest office. Nowadays everyone can call the office. These numbers are available 24 hours for customer care. If you are facing any issue with electricity or want to any info, then contact here.

What is FESCO CEO Contact number ?

If any person wants to contact the directly CEO the call on 041-9220184. Fesco tool Free helpline number 118

FESCO Region

City Name Address Contact
Faisalabad Jumra Faisalabad sangla hill road 0419200641
Mianwali 132 KV grid station tala gang road jhang 045920033
Chiniote WAPDA office Fesco Division Chiniot 0476334545
Sargodha City subdivision Sargodha 0489230380
Jhang Civil line sub division jhang 0479200229
Bakkhar FESCO Complex Jhang road 04539200009
Khushab Wapda Office Khushab 1 0345 1501378

All circle office numbers are available here. You can call at any time for any issue. Most people call in case of electric shortage to inform the Wapda. If you want to complain to any person or Wapda official, use this facility for emergency bases.  

Fesco helpline numbers and complete data guideline is available here.

Each circle has the responsibility to solve the issues of the consumer. Mainly problem occurs due to season. Then people inform the pole and transmission line condition to the Wapda company.  

Fesco Guideline

If anyone is snatching the electricity being a Pakistani, You must inform the Wapda company it is your right. So you can use the Fesco helpline.

Suppose you live in any other region. Your online duplicate bill and helpline numbers complaint guidelines are available for each power company. We are providing trusted content. You can check and everything here free of cost. For check any bill or any other information of Wapda company. Go to google browser and search the duplicatebills.pk and open the website. Now search your required thing in the search bar. Here is all the information and checking of anything is free of cost. If you have any question then contact us.

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