Fesco Bill Calculator Online 2022 Faisalabad Electric Estimator

Fesco Bill Online Calculator

If you want to check your units, here is an Electric bill calculator Fesco. Suppose someone doubts that there is a difference in the number of units used and the bill. So they can calculate their bill from Fesco online bill calculator. Put your number of units used in a month. The calculator will give an estimate of the total bill. If the difference between actual and estimated bills is very high, visit the Fesco office and register a complaint to investigate bill payment after investigation and correction of the bill. You will get a new bill. 

If you want to check Fesco bill with an online calculator, enter your uses unit and receive an estimated invoice with the tax charges sheet of govt. All the essential taxes mentioned below that are included below. 

  • FC Surcharge
  • Electricity Duty
  • Tv Fee
  • General sales taxes (GST)
  • N.J Surcharge
  • FC Surcharge

All the taxes are included permanently, but FPA is not available in the electric bills. It is dependent on Nepra. If they want, then Faislabad Electric Company had the charges of Fuel Price Adjustment. If the fuel price is high, then govt charges the high FPA.In the case of low fuel prices, they include low costs.

Fesco Bill estimator

Fesco Wapda bill estimator is also an electric bill calculator where any consumer can estimate their electric bills. Now Fesco Tariff consumer can calculate their bills without any charges.

If any person wants to Fesco bill calculation manually, that is so easy. Any untrained person can calculate it. For manual accounting, you must know Fesco unit rate 2021. Because every year the electricity is different. Primarily Nepra is increasing every year the rate of Electric. For Manual calculation rate table is given below.

Fesco Bill online calculator is a free tool for estimate the bills

Fesco Per Unit Price 2022

  • Up to 50 rate is 3.95
  • 1 TO 100 rate is 7.74
  • 101 – 200 rate is 10.06
  • 201 – 300 rate is 12.15
  • 301 – 700 rate is 19.55 
  • Above 700 rates is 22.65

All the units are only for home base or domestic users. They can calculate their bills with this price. 

If you want to check your commercial or industrial units that are different for calculation, then visit the Fesco official website, where you enter your connection type and get the bill. Rates depend on the connection type. You can check all the bills calculator on our website free of cost. 

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